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Mesach Semakula Opens up on His Wedding with Wife

I am not in a rush to wed my wife - Mesach Semakula

Musician Mesach Semakula has revealed he is not in a rush to walk down the aisle with the mother of his children.

Speaking in an interview with Spark Television, Mesach explained they will organize their wedding at the right time.

They are now focusing on their business and the proper upbringing of their children. In the years to come, the businesses will sponsor the wedding and they will live happily for years.

“You know I always plan before doing anything. I don’t rush to do things, even the wedding will happen at the right time. I want to do a wedding when I am financially stable, so we are focusing on building these businesses; then a wedding will come,” he partly said.

Semakula has been together with his wife for over twenty years, but they haven’t made it official.