Home Entertainment Faded Socialite Sipapa Nears Rotting in Jail

Faded Socialite Sipapa Nears Rotting in Jail

Faded Socialite Sipapa Nears Rotting in Jail

Faded and incarcerated socialite, Charles Olim alias Sipapa is set to spend more weeks behind bars before his court case can be heard in Makindye court. This is after he was denied bail and his court case was pushed further to July 18th.

Sipapa’s lawyer Geoffrey Turyamusiima at the Magistrates Court said that a 5th witness of the State was brought yesterday into this case. He was a forensics expert and he gave his version of accounts in this particular case.

There was more evidence brought by the state but Sipapa’s team argued that they weren’t given this proof. It was unlawful to bring it at the last moment.

They argued that this was unlawful and luckily for them, the Magistrate gave another day to see whether this proof was brought following the law or not.

If it was by the law, Turyamusiima said that they will proceed to question this witness from their line of work. The lawyer however said that he’s sure his client is innocent and didn’t do anything.

The case is just a trumped-up one and doesn’t even exist legally. Therefore, they will fight until he is free.

Additionally, the lawyer said that his client is not in good spirits because he is behind bars. This is because most of his work got foiled as he was a very public person. Several projects that he was doing such as helping people all got stunted.

What cases Sipapa is battling:

Apparently, Sipapa is facing two separate charges all involving robbery. This lawyer said that he is only part of the case at Makindye where the socialite is accused of robbing a Japanese national’s shop where he made off with several items.

The other case is at the High Court where Sipapa is accused of aggravated robbery. In this case, he is accused of robbing a South Sudanese national. It’s been almost two years since he was arrested.