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Geosteady Opens His Heart Out in Cryptic Message Begging for Ex Prima Kardashi’s Sumbie

Geosteady Claims He Is Still Stuck With Ex Prima Kardashi

Singer Geosteady real name George Hassan Kigozi has come out to claim that he is still stuck with ex-baby mama Prima Kardashi. He said they will forever be in each other’s lives for the sake of their children.

This means they will have to share the happiness and sorrows of each other.

Geosteady and Prima Kardashi have two children, they have been separated for now five years but none of them has moved on seriously.

At the beginning of their separation, they quickly found new relationships. Prima started dating radio presenter Mr Henry and Geosteady dated one of his workers.

The socialite soon called off her relationship with Henrie saying she wasn’t prepared for something serious. At the moment, they are co-parenting their two beautiful daughters.

According to Geosteady, any lady he dates needs to understand that he has children and has a good communicative friendship with baby mama Prima Kardashi.

He said if a lady can’t afford that, then it is really hard to be with her. This is because he has to be with his children too.

Read his message below;

“It is so funny but unfortunately I am still stuck with my baby mama Prima Kardashi. It is okay she is the mother of my kids so I have to respect her and she has to respect me too,”.

To note, these two have in a not-so-distant past traded accusations on each other. Prima accused Geosteady of being violent.

The latter also accused her of traveling to Thailand to sell herself as a prostitute. They are therefore what one would refer to as an on-and-off kind of couple.