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Queen Sheebah Gives Birth to Twins

Queen Sheebah Gives Birth to Twins, Omukunja Purportedly the Father

Struggling singer Omukunja Otaseera’s estranged girlfriend King Sheebah has reportedly given birth to twins, totaling the number of her children to five.

According to a video clip cites by Boom Uganda snoops, Queen Sheebah is seen lying on a hospital bed with a baby lying beside her as it shows that she had given birth.

Fans are wondering who could be the father of the child since she broke up with Omukunja a few months ago. 

Sheebah and Omukunja two started as if they were joking but they later became serious and started even performing on different platforms making money.

They said they were not dating but King Sheebah insisted that they were sleeping together like any other people in relationships.

According to King Sheebah’s sister, Omukunja ignored them and started saying that because of the drugs and alcohol, she wasn’t mentally okay.

Watch the video below: