Home Entertainment Drunk Moses Matovu Fails to Perform at ‘Tulumbe mu Kikadde’ Mubende Show

Drunk Moses Matovu Fails to Perform at ‘Tulumbe mu Kikadde’ Mubende Show

While at the ever colourful ‘Tulumbe mu Kikadde’ annual music event in Mubende over the weekend, drunken Afrigo Band CEO Moses Matovu failed to fully reward his fans for what they had paid for.

Following hours and hours of eagerly awaiting fans to grove to his hit songs, the renowned Muslim believer took to the stage visibly drunk with Ambiance Waragi and Bell Lager Beer and for sure he couldn’t even sing a complete line in any of his song.

The ‘Nalongo Wange’ singer, who was on his announcement on to stage eagerly waited for by his fans ended by putting up a dismissal performance as he only blew a quarter of his performance by dodging the microphone as he couldn’t pull off any of his songs which left his fans disappointed.

Fans of Matovu who have watched his performance when not highly drunk have attributed the singer’s energetic performance to not being committed to the terms of his performance as he decided to go drunk silly at Nakayima Hotel, proudly supported by veteran actor John Ssegawa which was contrary to the agreement with events promoter, Don Tyaba Events having paid him to zero balance.

This time around the Mubende revealers who had flocked to the event heavily booed Matovu’s acts on stage and threw unkind words to him until the show ended prematurely as the organisers put off the lights.

However, we hope Moses Matovu can revise his previous weakness, apologize to his Greater Mubende Region fans, and turn back strong with the Afrigo Band and focus to always give back what your fans expect from you.

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