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Weasel Manizo Mentally Affected by Mowzey Radio, AK47 & Humphrey’s Deaths

Weasel Manizo
Weasel Manizo

Pallaso, born Pius Mayanja of the Mayanja singing brothers, says his sibling and musician Weasel Manizo is grappling with life after being affected by the deaths of Mowzey Radio, AK 47, and eldest brother Humphrey Mayanja.

It might have started from the bottom by losing his young brother and singer AK-47 years ago, life continued to harden for the ‘Guwooma’ singer following the tragic passing on of his singing partner, the late singer cum instrumentalist Mowzey Radio that came in 2018.

Weasel’s struggle with grief is exacerbated by the recent loss of his elder brother, Humphrey Mayanja, earlier this year.

The consecutive blows of losing both his singing partner and sibling have left him reeling in sorrow and despair.

Videos circulating on social media depict Weasel in a distressing state, visibly affected by depression and frustration.

In a candid discussion with journalists, Pallaso has come out to shed more light about his brother’s mental state thereby expressing concern over his brother’s mental and emotional state, revealing that Weasel is far from being okay.

“Weasel was deeply affected by Radio’s passing, so he’s not okay. But we come from a world where the dead are the only appreciated. He has often been sidelined and neglected for his efforts in the industry. My advice to him is to stay strong,” Pallaso lamented, highlighting the harsh reality of the music industry where recognition often comes too late for those who have contributed significantly.”

One should note the fact that Weasel has long endured being sidelined and neglected in the music industry, despite his significant contributions and some dubbing him a failed artiste.

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